African Revival

SportzVidz, Proudly Working With:

Supported Charity: African Revival

SportzVidz are delighted to be supporting local sporting projects in Africa, via our chosen Charity – African Revival. http://africanrevival.org/  A percentage of each Video sold goes towards local football and sports projects in South Sudan, Zambia and Uganda.

Our vision is an Africa where every child has equal access to education, as we believe education is the key to overcoming poverty.  We have worked with primary and nursery schools in Uganda, Zambia & South Sudan since 2005 – some of the poorest countries in the world – to allow every child to fulfil their potential.

We don’t just build infrastructure and implement education and livelihood projects, we empower whole communities – pupils, teachers and parents – to transform government-run and parent-run schools into thriving learning environments that build brighter, better futures.  What makes us different?  Our staff are based in the rural communities where we work. This proximity to our partners allows us to be more efficient with donor’s money and more accountable to the communities we serve.



In Uganda we work in the Acholi and West Nile sub-regions in the north of the country. For two decades Northern Uganda was the centre of a brutal civil war.  With peace restored in 2006, the people are rebuilding their lives, but the effect on Uganda’s schooling system has been long-standing. Many of the NGO’s that arrived to support in the immediate post-conflict setting have now left, but African Revival remains to work with schools and communities to reverse the legacy of poverty and under-development compounded by the war.


Zambia remains one of the poorest and least developed nations in Africa with around two-thirds of Zambians living below the international poverty line. We are the only organisation supporting the Kalomo District Education Board to strengthen the quality of primary education in the region.  Despite the challenges communities face, both parents and teachers are working towards a better education for their children and we’re proud to work in partnership with them.  African Revival supports schools in a long-term, sustainable way, with infrastructure and livelihood programmes.

South Sudan

In South Sudan we have been building infrastructure and supporting teacher salaries at schools in Ibba and Maridi which are located in Maridi State.  Sadly, sporadic fighting continues in some areas of the country, but thankfully the communities where we work remain stable.